Monday, 28 September 2009

Adidas internship shoes

[UPDATE] - I forgot to mention that i didnt get the internship, and i only recently found out why. I was on my way to denmark, so i though id let my father post the material, it turns my dad didnt post tracked delivery and my submission never got there... lol

I decided to try out for an adidas internship, ended up getting a load of good ideas for shoes that i had to try. So heres two of the completed ideas, ill post more if i complete them.

First is jet stream… a shoe thats half air and half gel incased in a bubble of which is the shoe. The rubber will stretch at the thinnest parts, so 3 stripes can bulge when force is exerted.

Jet stream is for the alternative side of the market. Different yet stylish.

Jetstream13 12

Second is Splinter. Designed to seen speed is the only thing it cares about. The ring around the foot (white part in the middle) is a stiff component that help transfer forces when running. This is towards the more competitive side, running shoes.


Monday, 21 September 2009


Turtle Speakers

Aka Wellend.
Original sketches/designs were lost in my sketch book.
A working prototype, 40w 2.1 speakers with 4 satellite one each leg and a centre woofer under the shell.
took around 70 hours to build

Photo dump

Sketches dump