Sunday, 30 March 2008

HDRI - London

Just been down to london, had some free time so heres some HDRI photography that came out well.

hope u like!


Daney Chhang said...

some cool ass pictures!

sean collins said...

Hi - just found these nice pics. Is the third shot down (square mushroom) the partly dismantled P&O building? It's across the street from the Lloyds building.

If so, could I have a full size copy of that and others you might have? My father (now retired) was chief site engineer on that project in the 60's, the first time that method of construction had been used in the UK


BAPSI said...

gorgeous photos. :]

Daadaa said...

@ Sean Collins, sorry i didnt actually realise uve posted a comment, only in the recent days have i figured out how to see all my comments without having to go through each post. but i guess it doesnt make any difference as i dont have a full res version anymore, a hard drive crash lost me all my photos for 2 years, including that one :(