Wednesday, 25 January 2012

Geyser Tower

The Mid Pacific Geyser Tower is a 3000m recycling facility like no other. It transports the waste for free, recycle that waste into crude oil and not only that, it is also completely self-sustainable.
There are many natural systems around the world, such as the water, weather, nurturance etc. These processes are very simple so why not use the natural systems that are already in place to help our planet?
One of these systems is the ocean currents, which can be a real problem with their natural whirl pools that collect rubbish, the most famous being the Great Pacific Garbage Patch. Instead of seeing it as a problem, we should use the natural pull from the currents to transport the garbage from 2 of the world’s largest waste producers to a recycling plant in the middle.
The skyscraper recycles almost anything into oil with a process that’s already tried and tested, however the energy input isn’t worth the energy output because of the massive heat and pressure required in the process, which leads us back to the middle of the ocean. There is a cluster of underwater volcanos just north of Hawaii, exactly the centre of the garbage patch.
All of the rubbish will be put into barges and will naturally float to the facility. As drag is no longer an issue, these barges will have lines of micro hooks which won’t harm marine life but will slowly start to filter the sea. When the barge arrives, garbage will pushed down pressurised and heated until it turns into oil, which will be naturally forced back up to the surface because of the pressure.  The heat will come from the Seamounts below, it’s channelled up to the tower via a heat pipe which will help recycle, power the facility and keeps the crew fed.
All of the excess heat will be channelled up to sea level where it encourages the moist cool air to warm up and rise up the tower. As the warm air rises, it will rain near the top of the tower. Some of this water is collected, but most will rain onto the “growth” section where vegetation and livestock grows. Then the rest is literally downhill as almost everything that needs to move only goes down, making the facility very efficient.

All modelled on 3D Max with a combination of both mental ray and Iray. Took months to design, how ever modelling/rendering/post for these imgs took in total around a fortnight.

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Isaac Barrett said...

Stunning concept! Will you be making an animation of this?

Da Feng - Artist, Designer, Futurist said...

na... dont have a machine big might stick it into cryengine tho..

Isaac Barrett said...

ah yes it looks like a beast to render!


Nice stuff man ;) really like the felling, Join my blog btw

Mrr Blaze said...

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